CNN Poll Gives Devastating News To Biden – Net Favorability Hits All-Time Low

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Joe Biden is as unpopular as he has ever been.

His net rating has fallen to a -22. His rating was +21 on January 21st.

The poll was from CNN.


CNN POLL: Biden’s net favorability rating falls to an all-time low.


• Jan. 2021: 59/38 (net +21)

• Dec. 2022: 42/52 (net -10)

• MAY 2023: 35/57 (net -22)

Obama’s net favorability rating on the eve of the 2012 election was +11% vs. Biden’s -22% now.

Breitbart reported:

President Joe Biden’s net favorability rating has reached an all-time low as he struggles to strike a deal with House Republicans on the debt ceiling, the latest CNN poll found.

According to data from this survey, Biden’s net favorability has declined significantly since December. In December, 42 percent of Americans had a favorable view of Biden, compared to 52 who did not — a net of -10.

The latest results found that 35 percent of Americans have a favorable view of Biden, while 57 percent do not — a net of -22, marking a 12-point swing in the wrong direction over the last few months.

Joe Biden’s weak spots in the primary come from Democrat-leaning independents.

CNN reported:

Biden’s weak spots in the race for the nomination are concentrated among independents who lean Democratic (40% back Biden for the nod, compared with 67% among self-identified Democrats) and younger voters (49% of those younger than 45 say they back Biden compared with 68% among those age 45 or older).

Majorities of all Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters say they would at least consider backing either Kennedy (64% support him or would consider him) or Williamson (53% back her or would consider her), but when asked to explain the main reasons they would consider each of them, few seem deeply tied to either candidate.

Among those who would consider Kennedy, 20% cite his connections to the Kennedy family as the main reason. One said, “I liked his dad (RFK) and his uncle (JFK) a lot. I would hope he has a similar mindset.” Many suggested they are merely open to learning more: 17% say they just don’t know enough about him to rule him out and 10% that they are open-minded and would consider any candidate. One respondent explained they would consider him, “Because a reasonable person considers things before making choices. It has nothing to do with RFK himself, just that I wouldn’t automatically say ‘no’ without consideration first.” Some say they’d back any Democrat (10%) or anyone who is not Trump (5%). About 1 in 8 (12%) say they would consider him because they support his views or policies and 4% mention his views specifically on environmental issues.

CNN’s Jake Tapper called the news horrible for Joe Biden.

Mediaite reported:

CNN anchor Jake Tapper revealed the “horrible news” for President Joe Biden on Thursday after a CNN poll showed the majority of Americans think a Biden 2024 victory would be a “disaster” or “setback” for the country.

“Horrible news, horrible for Joe Biden in our new CNN poll,” said Tapper on Thursday. “While the president leads his Democratic competitors by a huge margin, two-thirds of all of the American people surveyed, 66% of the public say that a Biden victory would either be a setback or a disaster for the United States.”

“When it comes to how voters see Joe Biden and another presidential term, I mean those are some bad numbers,” the CNN anchor noted.

When CNN is admitting this you know it is bad for Biden.

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