Lawsuit Filed In Arizona Alleging Incompetence By Election Officials

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Republican nominee for Arizona attorney general Abraham Hamadeh and the RNC have filed a lawsuit alleging incompetence from election officials in Arizona.

The filing is in a court in Maricopa County.

Fox News reported:

Republicans in Arizona have filed a lawsuit alleging incompetence from election officials illicitly influenced the midterms.

Arizona Republican nominee for attorney general Abraham Hamadeh, together with the RNC, filed suit against many election officials Tuesday.

The lawsuit names Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs alongside the recorders and boards of supervisors for all counties in the state.

The Republicans stated they are not alleging “fraud, manipulation or other intentional wrongdoing,” and added that the alleged mismanagement did not directly affect the outcome of the election.

More From Epoch Times:

A Republican candidate for Arizona’s attorney general position on Nov. 22 sued his opponent and a slew of election officials, including officials in Maricopa County, alleging that widespread “errors and inaccuracies” caused voter disenfranchisement.

Officials in at least 15 counties have “caused the unlawful denial of the franchise to certain qualified electors, erroneously tallied certain ballots, and included for tabulation in the canvass certain illegal votes in connection with the election for the office of Arizona Attorney General,” Abe Hamadeh, the candidate, said in the complaint.

That includes Maricopa County officials improperly disqualifying ballots cast by people who, as a direct result of poll worker errors, were incorrectly listed as voting previously in the midterm election, Hamadeh added.

“Immediate judicial intervention is necessary to secure the accuracy of the results of the November 8, 2022 general election, and to ensure that candidate who received the highest number of lawful votes is declared the next Arizona Attorney General,” the complaint states.

Finally a stand for election integrity!