Manchin Feeling Backlash From Deal With Schumer

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Dem Senator Joe Manchin is facing sharp criticism for his deal with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Manchin agreed to a deal with Schumer on a tax and climate deal. One staffer said “he’s getting blasted pretty hard in West Virginia.”

From Fox News:

Manchin has faced sharp criticism, including from his West Virginia constituents, following his decision to support a scaled-back version of the massive Democrat-backed spending bill, officially labeled the Inflation Reduction Act, after announcing he would not support the original “Build Back Better” bill being pushed by the Biden administration.

Fox News Digital spoke with several Senate aides who detailed Manchin’s anxiety concerning the backlash. Each of the aides asked to remain anonymous over fear of retaliation and because of the sensitive nature of the negotiations surrounding the revamped legislation.

“He is clearly defensive in his TV interviews, and he’s getting blasted pretty hard in West Virginia,” one Senate committee staffer said, referring to multiple media appearances by Manchin in which he was sharply pressed over his shifting support.

Will Manchin change course and sink the deal?